Regarding a national high school walkout planned for March 14, Ripon College’s Admissions Department issued a statement Monday assuring prospective incoming students that admissions officials would not judge them based on whether they participate in the protest.

   The planned walkout is in response to 17 people killed by a gunman at a Parkland, Fla. high school Feb. 14.

   The statement reads: Ripon College supports the rights of any student to engage in civil discourse and dialogue, including peaceful protest. Participation in such activities and any disciplinary sanctions that may or may not follow will in no way jeopardize the status of admission for any student at Ripon College.

   “As students across the country join in #TheMarchForOurLives movement and other movements in response to the Parkland shootings,” said Melissa Anderson, Ripon College’s vice president of marketing and communications, “we want to join campuses across the country in reassuring applicants that their right to peacefully protest will in no way affect their admission status.

   “Civil discourse is a cornerstone of the Ripon College educational experience. We want our students to find their passions, discover their voices and become agents for positive change.”