Every year when Quest third-grade students begin a project to create miniature homes, their teachers try to keep the project exciting and interesting.

   One of the ways they try to achieve this goal is by inviting an expert to come and give a presentation to the students.

   When this project approached, third-grade educator Jessi Johnson remembered a former student she had whose parent was a contractor. She reached out to the parent, Erik Arnetveit of Green Lake’s Design Specialty Builders.

   “I thought, ‘Yeah, I can do it. It’d be fun to share with the kids,’” Erik said of responding to her email. “I’d love more kids to be more interested in construction and architectural fields.”

   He visited Johnson’s, Gretchen Geiger’s and Paige Heinz’s classrooms Jan. 27 and gave a talk to the third-graders about his job and the decisions he has to make when building a house.

   “For this project, we have been studying weather and climate,” Gretchen said. “Throughout the project, the students have been learning the differences between weather and climate within a specific climate region. In order to apply their learning, they were tasked with creating a home with features that would be suitable for the climate and typical or extreme weather a climate region may get.”

   Read the full story, including how impressed Erik was with the students, in the Feb. 6, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.