Mary Whitrock gave Ripon Rotarians a sneak peek Monday of what soon will be in Ripon-area residents’ mailboxes: the Ripon Area School District’s 2018-19 annual report.

   The superintendent reviewed a copy of the report that will be sent to district residents once DPI verifies the district’s graduation rate.

   Most of the news was positive:

  • The district’s 94% graduation rate exceeds the state average of 89.6 and, while down slightly from last year, is trending higher since 2015; 
  • Student enrollment for 2018-19 is up to 1,581, with Whitrock attributing an upward surge to the district’s new Odyssey Academy of Virtual Learning. She explained that 140 now are enrolled in the home-based virtual school — up from 80 last July and August — helping the district capture additional students who may have been enrolled in other districts’ programs.

   “It is a different way of learning, but one that we also see reflected in the business world because oftentimes we’re connecting and engaging and working with others that aren’t in the same room with us,” Whitrock explained. “And so it gives our students a chance to do that.”

   Read the full story in the Dec. 5, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.