Most families in the Ripon Area School District are happy to overhaul the school year calendar.

   Just not too soon.

   Results from a district-wide survey, comprising 435 responses, were shared Tuesday by district administrators.

   Of the respondents, 75 percent indicated they supported changing the calendar, but they were split over whether changes should be implemented for the next school year (36 percent) or whether the district should apply minimal tweaking before upending schedules (39 percent).

   The main change in a new calendar would be a shift to starting in August, with different options for how early that would be.

   Superintendent Mary Whitrock is recommending the School Board takes the more cautious approach, as the board will approve the 2018-19 calendar within the next month or so.

   “Obviously, approving a calendar in December that will already impact families in August isn’t a lot of time,” Whitrock said Tuesday to the board’s curriculum and instruction committee. “So I think if we were to make significant changes with the start and end date, we would want to maybe hold off another year before we could do some of those things.”

   This likely will mean the change to the 2018-19 calendar will be shifting spring break to the third week of March 2019.

Read the full story in the Nov. 9, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.