As a youth apprenticeship coordinator for CESA 6 at Ripon High School, Jill Milos hears numerous comments from business leaders about the students participating in the program.

   Comments such as, “I really, really love this program because it has given me a chance to help this student who really had an interest in that banking accounting area,” said Daniel Ige, CEO of Golden Rule Community Credit Union, who noted the student is making exceptional progress.

   Milos receives responses similar to this more often as Ripon High School’s Youth Apprenticeship Program contracted through CESA 6 continues to grow.

   When Milos came to Ripon about two years ago to take over the school’s program after it partnered with CESA 6, only seven students were participating.

   In the last two years, the program has grown to 20 students and another handful still working through the application and interview process to secure a job at a business in their career field of choice.

   Milos explained the program is a school-based and work-based learning program designed to help juniors and seniors gain real-life work experience in a career they are passionate about by connecting the student with local businesses.

   Read the full story, including the achievements students have accomplished through the program, in the Nov. 28, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.