When the former rail-road tracks through the city of Ripon were transitioned to a multi-use trail in 1994 — and a bridge was installed west of Meade Street in 1996 — leaders expected to get 10 to 15 years out of them before major work would need to be done again.

   That never happened.

   Now, 25 years later, those steps finally are occurring.

   This fall, part of the Northwestern Trail has been closed while Fond du Lac County undertakes a long awaited rehabilitation of the trail — including a new bridge out past Meade.

   “Ripon loves its Northwestern Trail. The trail connects neighborhoods to downtown, the library, local businesses, schools and more,” county parks director Sam Tobias said.

   Now, Ripon will be able to enjoy it for a lot longer.

   The problem is, nature seems to be trying to reclaim the trail ...

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