The Waupun High School boys’ basketball team is tough enough to beat when its star players are on.

   It becomes nearly unbeatable when its supporting cast also are making plays during the game.

   The Ripon Tigers found that out last week Friday, when they lost to the Warriors 77-45 on the road.

   “As a coach, it’s fun to watch basketball when it’s done well,” Ripon head coach Steve Brooks said. “And I told [Waupun head coach] Dan [Domask] after the game that it’s difficult to play against his team, period. But when all of his players are playing well, and his supporting cast was shooting the ball well, it becomes a very challenging task to guard them. That on top of us not rebounding and giving ourselves extra opportunities, and not shooting the ball very well, makes for a long night.”

   Ripon was able to hang in the game early as it trailed the Warriors just 14-13 around seven minutes in. But Waupun then went on a 21-3 run and led 41-26 at halftime.

  The margin continued to spiral out of control for the Tigers the rest of the way, growing to as large as 35 points late in the contest.

Read the full story, which includes information on a positive that Brooks took from the game, in the Feb. 22, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.