Misprint or a coincidence?

   That’s the question I asked myself several times recently.

   Being a weekly newspaper, we often have several games within one news cycle. Recently, the scores have been eerily familiar.

   Two weeks in a row, the Ripon College men’s basketball team posted nearly identical outcomes.

   The first week, it lost to Monmouth 58-57 and Cornell 59-58. The second week, it defeated Beloit 73-60 and Knox 72-61.

   To top that off, the women’s basketball team’s game against Knox ended up pretty much the same as the men: a 72-62 win.

   College basketball is not the only sport this has happened.

   It also has been the case for the high school basketball teams.

Read the full column in the Jan. 4, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.