The Ripon College football team finally came up with a stop on the first drive of the second half last week Saturday afternoon.

   It then received a good punt return as it brought the ball to Illinois College’s 30-yard line.

   The only problem? It fumbled the ball at the end of the return, which led to another touchdown.

   That about summed up the game and season for the Red Hawks.

   Ripon lost the contest, which was to determine who would finish in fifth place in the Midwest Conference, 35-21 on the road.

   It also ends the season 4-6 overall, which marks just the fourth losing season in Ron Ernst’s 29 years as the program’s head coach.

   “That’s been kind of the way the season has gone,” Ripon head coach Ron Ernst said. “We get some things going and then we take some major steps back. That’s something that we’ve got to address in the offseason and something we’ve got to take a look at even more so for next year.”

   The lack of consistency wasn’t limited to that sequence of events; it was a problem throughout the game for the Red Hawks.

Read the full story, which includes information about a valiant comeback bid, in the Nov. 21, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.