LAST WEEK FRIDAY, I attended the Veterans Day program at Murray Park/Quest Elementary School.

     ... it wasn’t what occurred within the gymnasium that caught my attention.

     Rather, it was what adorned the walls adjacent to the entrance to the gym that caught my eye.

     Students had been asked to write notes of appreciation to veterans — veterans, who in turn, were asked to take one for themselves, or grab one to pass along to another.

     The messages came from youngsters, but it didn’t matter. Their messages were heartfelt. I couldn’t do better — so why try?

     Here is some of what they wrote (with a few spelling errors retained):

Dear veterans, thank you for taking time out of family time to serve our nation. We appreciate you sacrifice your lives to serve our nation. We love that you did a risk to save us. ...

     Thank you for your service ... If you lost someone in the Army, I am so sorry. My grandpa was in the Army. He was brave and strong.
Dear veterar, do you know the whole school thanks you for all the things you do? You are my hero!

     Thank you for serving the USA ... Thank you for fighting so we have our freedom. You are the soul and heart of the USA ...

     Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    To read the entire column, see the Nov. 16, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.