ONE MIGHT ASK, why “WaWa?”         	   Ian Stepleton photo
ONE MIGHT ASK, why “WaWa?” Ian Stepleton photo

     MY ELDER DAUGHTER has hit that stage every parent of a toddler dreads.

     The “why” stage.

     Every statement, no matter how mundane, generates the same reply.

     “Green light, Daddy!”

     “Yes, it did turn green.”


     “It tells us we can drive forward.”

     “Why?” ...

     I love her curiosity; I want to foster her interest in the world. But after answering 15-consecutive “why” questions without nary a second to breathe, there’s little air left in the room.

     But that’s not to say she’s wrong to ask.

     Too often, we forget to ask “why.”

     ... I have a few “why” questions myself, ranging from the serious to humorous to absurd.

     ... Why is “South Grove Street” South Grove Street? Tell me: where is North Grove Street?

     ... Also, why Fairview? Mediocrevista already taken?

     Then there’s WaWa Avenue.

     Just ... why?

     This is what happens when you let toddlers create street names.

     ... Why do gas prices always hover so much higher in Ripon than Fond du Lac? (A 20-cent differential as of this past weekend: $2.69 vs. $2.49.)

     ... Why does the city of Ripon have a “spitting” ordinance?...

     To read the entire column, see the Aug. 15, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.