(Re: “What was the deal with the hotel deal?” Dec. 7, 2017) I do appreciate our city administration, the mayor, and the council. Without doubt they are well-meaning, virtuous individuals doing the best they can in an unpopular environment they find themselves in after our last financial shake-down.

     It has to be a challenge to try and overcome the financial sewer they have found themselves in after the Boca Grande circus left town.

     But don’t get down on those who resist more of the same that has been experienced in the past.

     Rather than accusing city residents of negativism or pessimism, it’s simply reality that needs to be taken into account.

     Reflecting on the Boca debacle, you simply needed to take out a sheet of paper and a calculator to determine the likelihood of failure.

     From day one, Boca was never a practical opportunity for the city, nor do I believe this latest proposal had much of a chance.

     I appreciate the council’s rejection of another financial give-away program even though the thought of success is very appealing. ...

     The plan called for a 60-room hotel, with additional retail space on the street level. Who will fill that additional retail space? ...

     And to make the hotel itself a practical endeavor they would need 70- to 80-percent occupancy at a pretty substantial room rate in those 60 rooms.

     Forty eight additional occupied transient rooms daily in Ripon? Practical? I don’t know. ...

— Louie Bock
25 Sunset Ave.

     To read the entire letter, see the Dec. 14, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.