In last week’s (Jan. 25, 2018) Hearts & Darts section, darts were tossed to “former Democrat President Trump.”  

     ... this “former Democrat” is an embarrassment to our country as well as being a mean spirited individual who has no vision for our country.  

     I would imagine many Democrats are glad that this “former Democrat” is no longer associated with their party. The Grand Old Party has embraced this “former Democrat” and claimed him as one of their own.

     Unfortunately the GOP did not realize how this “former Democrat” would damage their party’s brand or image. ...

     My question for the Republican leadership of today is what are you willing to do in order to once more become the “Grand Old Party?”   

     Will the current Republican leadership take a position that will help restore our country’s standing not only nationally, but also globally?  

     That endeavor would most likely earn them lots of Hearts instead of Darts!

— Carol Cate
N7776 Union St.

     To read the entire letter, see the Feb. 1, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.