April fool’s day was  on a Monday this year.

     That meant the Ripon Rotary Club members who gather at Royal Ridges each Monday for lunch must have something up their sleeves.
Or so I figured.

     “I will not be fooled,” I kept telling myself throughout the lunch and the meeting that followed.

     During “Happy Bucks,” when members shell out a dollar or two to explain why they are feeling particularly sunny that day — a practice we shamelessly stole from Ripon Noon Kiwanis — I was prepared for some Rotarian to serve up a slice of bologna with our turkey.

     But it didn’t seem to be happening. ...

     No fibs, no fools.

     My turn to throw a Happy Buck in the club’s little yellow kettle.

     I decided it would be worth a dollar to see if, in fact, “Rotary” is Latin for “gullible.” ...

     “Last week,” I explained, trying to look earnest though my name is Tim, “my wife and I went to McLean, Virginia, to visit the folks at Gannett Corp.”
I looked around.

     No one was smiling and no one was smirking.

     The fish were swimming around my bait.

      It was time to set the hook. ...

     “The Ripon Commonwealth Press has been in my family since 1962 — that’s 47 years,” I said, wishing we’d had onions for lunch so I would shed a tear or two.

     My scam seemed to be taking hold. ...

     “The reason we were in McLean was to finalize talks with Gannett executives in preparation for selling Ripon’s newspaper.”

     The barb was set. I just had to reel in my fishtail. ...
     To read the entire column, see the April 12, 2019 edition of
The Ripon Commonwealth Press.