(Re: “Local students should join walkout,” Feb. 25, 2018) I concur with the sentiment expressed in a letter to the editor imploring our students to join the nation-wide walkout on March 24th.  

     But I further suggest extending the intent of the walk to include additional contributing factors effecting this age demographic.

     How about eliminating access to violent video games depicting all sorts of murder and mayhem desensitizing them to the reality of true life experiences? ...
      And while these students are protesting they might add curtailing the vulgarity and lack of morality reflected in many entertainment venues be it music, movies, reality TV, and the general lack of respect for authority ...

     Here’s another thought: while the loss of life in any situation is regrettable how many of these students have never known a brother or sister who was not allowed to experience life because of that siblings elimination before they ever had the option to live.

     How does the lack of respect for human life and compassion for the unborn translate into moral values that no longer exist, and in turn remove compassion toward each other?  

     Experiencing a life-ending moment at age 17 from a mentally disturbed individual is truly horrific, but how does it compare to a life ending action for a creation who never had the chance to live? ...

— Louis Bock
25 Sunset Ave.

     To read the entire letter, see the March 8, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.