It is easy in this day and age to view the political process with skepticism or even disgust. When every news article and the breakdown of any pressing issue we are facing is framed in an us versus them, my way or the highway mentality, why would anyone want anything to do with becoming engaged in the process—much less running for office?

     Despite that view, in face of the difficulties, there is value in stepping up to serve your community. As an elected member of the Ripon Area School Board, I certainly believe so. ...

     I can certainly understand the intimidation that surrounds putting oneself out there in such a public way. Between the fear of needing a complete and detailed understanding of absolutely every policy issue, having your words, ideas, and personal life open to public scrutiny, or the amount of time that must be put into performing the responsibilities with the attention they deserve can be enough to dissuade even the most qualified from adding their voice to the fray.

     Yet it is so worth it! We need a variety of voices at the table. ...

— Nate Zimdars
W13404 Carter Road

     To read the entire letter, see the Nov. 28, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.