... When I think of the different personalities that have dared to venture to this part of the world, I am always struck by their optimism and willingness to share part of their life with others.

     Over the years your love and joy and hard work has enriched many lives here in Panama ... you all are a blessing to us. No words of thanks can really express our gratitude.

     Although this year’s group was small, it was really appreciated and we had fun and did some interesting work.

     Next year will be very different. January 2019, Pope Francis is planning on visiting Panama for the world Youth Day. I am sorry to inform you that there will probably be NO ROOM IN THE INN.

     We are opening the Wacuco Hilton and every other place we can find to the hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world who will be flooding Panama starting in early January. ...

     I miss all of you and hope the New Year brings many blessings to each of you. ...

— Father Wally Kasuboski
Wacuco, Panama

    To read the entire letter, see the Feb. 1, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.