I am writing this letter on behalf of a small but growing group of concerned parents.   

     We are all aware of the allegations involving former teacher, Samantha Fitzpatrick, and are pleased that she is no longer affiliated with Ripon High School.

     However, information has come to light that, if true, appears to show that the Superintendent and Principal committed serious breaches of their duties in the handling of this matter.

     This new information shows that the school not only did not collectively, along with the police, conclude there was a lack of evidence to pursue criminal charges. In fact, they never reported it at all until a third party came forward.  

     The school conducted its own investigation and while coming up with corroborating evidence so support the allegation, they withheld this information from authorities and allowed this teacher to quietly resign with the ability to work in another district.  

     On my own behalf and on behalf of other concerned parents we urge the School Board to conduct its own investigation and determine whether disciplinary action is warranted.

    This new information certainly suggests that the Superintendent and the Principal failed to properly handle the reported allegations when they first learned of the alleged relationship. But equally troubling is that it appears they misled school parents not only about the facts surrounding Ms. Fitzpatrick’s departure but also about the extent of their own investigation. ...

—  Kriss Standke
521 Fairview Ave.

     To read the entire letter, see the Jan. 4, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.