A pledge & plea for preservation

Camp Grow’s boathouse rests on one of Green Lake’s few remaining undeveloped shorelines. The Green Lake Conservancy is trying to keep it that way.

A local group wants your help to preserve a large tract of verdant woodlands and a nearly untouched Green Lake shoreline.

But it’s likely going to take some hefty dollars.

Camp Grow, 40 acres of trees nestled between Big Green and Spring lakes, is up for sale, bringing a probable end to its nearly hundred-year run as a camp, first for Boy Scouts in the 1920s, then for urban and local church youth beginning in the ’50s.

It might not be the end of its story as a refuge for nature-lovers, however.

The Green Lake Conservancy wants to start a new chapter, one that will be written for generations to come — and open to the public.

The volunteer land-conservation organization, which has helped preserve nearly 20 properties in Green Lake’s watershed, has begun a pledge drive called the “Partnership for Preservation” to purchase Camp Grow and create a natural, public-access area for anyone to enjoy.

The price tag? Somewhere in the vicinity of $4 million, the approximate value at which the land was appraised in August 2016.

Read the full story, including comments from Conservancy President Bur Zeratsky, in the Sept. 21, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press. To pledge to the preservation endeavor, visit www.greenlakeconservancy.org/news/partnership-for-preservation and click on the “Pledge Now” button.

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