Deli: Quality of restaurant, ease of grocery store

Restaurant-quality meals and desserts, such as the cannoli owner/operator Rob Taylor fills above, can be found at Caponata’s.

Green Lake’s newest restaurant doesn’t have waiters or waitresses. It doesn’t have seating, or even its own building.

What it does have is a fine deli, grab-and-go meals, and catering options for those want the food to come to them.

It’s Caponata’s: an Italian-concept deli located in Crossroads Market off County Road A on Green Lake’s east edge.

“We’re more of a restaurant, without the seating, located in a grocery store,” owner/operator Rob Taylor said.

That means it comes with restaurant-quality food, but with the ease of access that accompanies a grocery store — and with prices that can’t be beat.

Area foodies likely recall its owner from other restaurant ventures Taylor has been involved in around the area over the past quarter century, from Nordic Hill in Green Lake years ago, to helping redesign the Treasury in Ripon a couple years ago.

Now, he is applying that experience as a chef to his deli.

“What brought me to Crossroads was my brother, Brian, spoke with [Crossroads owner] Dr. Willett about their deli,” Taylor said, referring to his brother, who owns Rendard’s Bakery that supplies some products for Crossroads.

That conversation led to Taylor opening Caponata’s July 1.

“It’s more of an Italian-concept deli, but bigger,” he said. “Providing quality meats, local cheeses, and an Italian-style deli was something that I thought fit the area pretty well.”

Caponata’s distinguishes itself from a traditional grocery store deli in several ways: through the quality of its products, the fact everything is home-made, and through price.

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