New day spa aims to make clients feel good inside & out
Brenda Block

Sometimes it takes something radical for a person to discover her true calling.

Such was the case for Brenda Block of Ripon.

An accountant and stockbroker by trade, she left the financial world years ago — a career she was really good at — to become a caretaker for an ailing family member.

“She did recover ... But we thought she was going to die,” Block said.

For Block, the family member’s recovery wasn’t the only good news that came out of that dark time.

“You have something like that happen ... and you start to re-evaluate your life,” she said. “I just didn’t want to continue going down that path anymore. I wanted something more people-oriented. I wanted it to be more relationship [based]. More personal.”

Now she’s ready to help others feel just as good inside and out as she’s come to feel in her new profession.

Block is opening Dazzling Dreams LLC day spa at 313 Watson St., Suite G (in the lower level of the building).

It opens Friday, offering a variety of services aimed at making one’s skin shine — and putting one’s spirit at peace.

“It’s a really relaxing experience,” Block said of her suite of services, including her No. 1 service: facials. “I love, love the reaction people have afterwards.”

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