As early as their sophomore year, students at Ripon High School will be allowed to take online physical education courses.

This change in curriculum was approved Monday by the Ripon School Board.

An online physical education course would still involve students being active, but it would be in a more personal way, as students would work towards goals and fitness assessments at their own pace.

Three options were laid out for the board, all of which varied from the current curriculum, but at different degrees.

Ultimately, the board approved an option that would require students to complete the grade nine Personal Fitness/Healthy Lifestyle course in a face-to-face format, meaning it would be run like a typical phy-ed class with the instructor present at all times. But, following the completion of that course and beginning with their sophomore year, an online course option would be available to students.

To read the entire story, see the April 22 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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