Author Steve Rose is bringing his latest Packer book, “Pea Soup for the Packer Heart: A Tribute to the World’s Greatest Fans and Team,” to Ripon Monday Sept. 20.

He will speak and sign books in Ripon at noon for the Ripon Rotary at Royal Ridges and then appear at Miller’s Tavern in Ripon from 4 to 6 p.m.

The book released Sept. 1 has brisk local and national sales and is nearing its second printing. It is made up of 208 pages with 99 chapters consisting of stories from fans, players and media. The stories in the book are typically two to three pages and range from laugh-out-loud funny to others that require a Kleenex.

Rose came onto the scene in 1996 with the release of the book “Leap of Faith: God Must Be a Packer Fan” in 1996. It sold 50,000 copies. He wrote two sequels and two other books that will all be available for purchase at both events.

Rose is more than an author; he see himself as a motivational-encourager. He has shared his story of overcoming alcoholism, bankruptcy and other challenges on the journey to living his dreams with hundreds of audiences over the last 14 years.

He’ll be presenting his powerful Seven Principles of the Peanut Butter Promise to the Ripon Rotary to encourage others how they can do the same.

“The Packer books and platform are great, but I love to inspire and encourage people to give them hope,” he said. “That’s what I find the greatest joy doing and the Seven Principles of the Peanut Butter Promise do that. I’ll be sharing some fun Packer stories for sure.”

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