Ripon schools hope to partner with China

Future school years could see some new faces throughout the Ripon Area School District and community — that is, students from across the Pacific.

This week, Ripon Area School Board members reviewed a proposal to enter into the Wisconsin Gateways Program to connect Ripon schools with China.

In short, it’s an effort to encourage “international exchange opportunities” for both students and teachers between China and Ripon. Partnerships with local colleges and an expansion of the Ripon Area School District’s world language program also are being explored.

For Ripon, one of the biggest incentives is the potential for boosting enrollment. As of the third Friday in September, enrollment in the Ripon Area School District has dropped more than 30 students this school year, to 1,606.

The biggest hit came to this year’s freshman class, which has 23 fewer students. Other grade levels saw a range of changes, from zero change, to negative 17 to positive 21.

The Wisconsin Gateways program could help boost Ripon’s declining enrollment ... Find out how in the Oct. 22 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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