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Below are excerpts from emails Tim Lyke sent last week to George Stanley and David Haynes, editor and Ideas Lab editor, respectively, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Read more

Last week Wisconsin reported three straight days of new COVID-19 cases exceeding 2,000. The state’s inability to flatten the curve has earned it the dubious “uncontrolled spread” rating, a lab… Read more

111: That’s how many employees Heidel House Resort & Spa told the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development would be impacted by its May 20, 2019 closure. Read more

When a state’s legislative minority party complained about the other party’s gerrymandering, the majority’s leader quipped that the minority’s complaints about its new redistricting map were “… Read more

Planning and eventually celebrating a wedding in a pandemic is an epic experience. My son and his now wife picked the date for this unforgettable occasion in the summer of 2019, when the word … Read more