Democrats, their media and courts allowed foreign interference in the 2020 election.

Democrats talk about a coup by President Trump and his 74 million-plus voters while it is the corrupt Democrats’ coup taking over our government. The Chinese paid for politicians, media and justices are the conspiracy against democracy, not President Trump.

Trump’s campaign has insisted that there has been voter fraud. If the 2020 election was a free and fair election, why oppose an examination of the Dominion voting machines and the proof of fraud presented by those who witnessed the fraud?

“PA, AZ, GA, MI, and WI should agree to let us audit the Dominion machines. If they didn’t cheat, what are they afraid of? We must have an audit!” Rudy Giuliani said.

Senator Ted Cruz, Texas, Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin and other senators cited “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations and lax enforcement of election law” to back their vow to object to the certification vote set for Wednesday, Jan. 6. They are calling for the appointment of an Electoral Commission to conduct a 10-day audit of the election results in “disputed states.”

Support of election integrity should not be a partisan issue.

— Sallie Helmer

116 Park St.

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Sallie Helmer

“Big tech tyrants are carrying out a digital book burning while Leftists cheer.” (D’Souza) Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple and more are banning Conservatives from social media outlets.

Now is the time to rise and wave the flag of liberty. Our freedom of speech is being restricted and we have allowed a fraudulent election to take place. Never before in our history have we faced a time where social media is erected as government to patrol our president and our very thoughts.

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, you need to review the Constitution and ignore Dinesh. Private companies are able to set rules regarding the use of their product. Break those rules, lose your access. Cheetohead did it REPEATEDLY after being warned REPEATEDLY. If you are suggesting that private companies be controlled by government, you are a socialist. Are you?

Dale Failor

Sallie is your last comment a threat?

Sallie Helmer

Please keep commenting. Your comments reveal who you are.

Trump Jr.: ‘Democrats and Media Hate Trump Much More Than They Love America’

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, we're all and have been forever painfully aware of what you are. And you're shameless about it. The thing is, you will not be on the right side of history. I'm glad you can live with that.

Sallie Helmer

President Trump Has More Pardons…Appointing Special Counsels, & Declassified Intel!

Thursday January 14, 2021 12:50 PM

“It’s coming… The left is crapping their pants right now. seriously… all over the place. The Biden Crime family will be going down after President Trump appoints the Special Counsels.” Disclose.TV-Twitter

Within two weeks everyone will understand what has really been going on for years under other corrupt presidents and how Trump has masterfully played them all and will save this great country , exposing the Dems & Repubs for who they really are. By late March or early April Trump will again be our president. The greatest show on earth is about to be played out before our eyes.

As Bob said-- "your crow isn't ready yet".

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, add Mitch McConnell to your list. He's on-board with impeachment. Don't be the last one left on the ship. Trump is radioactive.

Bill Bumby

All we need to do is turn on our televisions to see who you are, Sallie

Bill Bumby

There are currently more military personnel in Washington, D.C. than are serving in all of Afghanistan. They are in The Capitol to protect our governing bodies of Congress from the commander in chief and his ardent supporters. Think about that... This is donald trump’s America. And, this is who YOU are.

Sallie Helmer

The military personnel are in Washington, D.C. under President Trump's orders. What if the Commander in Chief of our armed forces attempted to use the military to overthrow the government itself? Arrest the House and Senate for “treason” and send them to Gitmo? Something big is about to happen.

Michael Shohoney

RCP, how do you publish Sallie's comment above!? It is a suggestion of insurrection.

Bill Bumby

What can we expect to happen, Sallie? Is trump finally going to unveil “trumpCare”? Will my 1040 income tax form on a postcard arrive today? Is trump going to show us a cancelled check from Mexico for payment for his wall? Everyday since Nov. 4th, we’ve been told to “Wait for it! It’s coming! trump is playing 4D chess while Democrats are playing checkers!” Haven’t you figured it out yet, Sallie? You’ve been completely and totally conned. Now, send trump another $20.00...

Brad Richter

So let me see here... Trump lost the presidency. He cost Republicans the House of Representatives. And he cost Republicans the Senate. In addition, he no doubt has badly fractured the Republican party into two, one side being Trumpy Fascists, and the other side being the neo-conservatives who at least admit that the Constitution exists, kinda. Lets not forget the republicans now under investigation and probable convictions coming for their roles in all of this. Sallie, this is what the baseball world calls a Grand Slam for the other side. His actions and lies are nothing short of being the backfire heard around the world. As his once lawyer, now convicted felon, Michael Cohen said, "Anything Trump touches dies!" I'm not sure, Sallie, what you're still fighting and debating anymore. You were, and still are, wrong. I said for four years Trump would take everything he could and then burn it down. Do you think an honest man would consider blanket pardons for himself and family before a conviction has even been made? Do you honestly think those to be the words and intentions of an honest man?

Mark Alexander

Can't help but notice sallie made no response to all of the wise Facts posted by Every other commenter on here. Can't help but notice she is just pushing more conspiracy theory rhetoric. Has it been a body double in don's place lying and being a don 1st policy maker? There's no coming back from being that far down the crazy rabbit hole. And its Obvious that's exactly how they play you. Don hasn't done a thing for the lower and middle class. People died and were injured at the capital because of what don said and did. He deserves to be in prison with those who tried to do his fool hardy bidding

Sallie Helmer

Democrats trample the Constitution.

They hate Trump’s commitment to America First -- of putting the interest of average Americans first. Trump pushed back against their corrupt love affair with China. He called out the ‘Fake News’ who are bought and paid for by China, just like the politicians they protect, who have accepted the subordination of the United States to a New World Economic Order.

Trump’s enemies want him gone because he stands in the way of those making money through political corruption rackets and others who embrace globalism. They want a world without borders for access to low-cost labor and offshore manufacturing. They don’t care that China is a Communist country and our security is at risk.

Biden’s alleged victory was obtained by the fraud of a stolen election. If Trump -- who pledged his oath to uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic -- concedes defeat to a weak and corrupt political opponent, Joe Biden, we may never have legitimate elections again.

Everyone knows that the civil war between truth and falsehood has been raging all around us for years. The Democrat majority was all but impossible without media dishonesty, omission and censorship, and massive vote fraud.

Michael Shohoney

America First!? What a laugh. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's always been TRUMP FIRST for him. You have been bamboozled by one of the great grifters of all time. The emperor has no clothes, Sallie. It's too bad that you're not able to recognize that. P. S. It is not only the Democrats that have had it with this man. There are very few left in his corner. But, feel free...go down with the ship. Stick a fork in him, he's DONE!

Bill Bumby

Because of trump, the Democratic Party will now control the Presidency, House of Representatives and The Senate! Promises kept! trump made America Great Again!

Carol Cate

Sallie, sigh, you have swallowed all the lies told by Trump and his cohorts and now you have digested them and found them to be rather tasty. I hope your tummy doesn't ache too much. Sigh...

Dale Failor

Trump told BLM protesters that anyone doing destruction to any federal bldg. should do a minimum of 10 years in prison, What are his supporters that did all the damage to the capital going to get?

Adam Umbreit

How do you feel now about your party Sallie? Still think Republicans supporting Trump by destroying our Capitol, killing folks and fighting them is the "American Way"? No evidence at all and over 60 court cases shot down including the Supreme Court and now lost the Senate? When are you going to accept that your President, party and self are all losers?

Mark Alexander

Adding to the other intelligent comments to the letter on here the extremist right wing devotees are actually trying to say that the terrorists that stormed the capital building were antifa. Of course they are saying that. Yet trump comes out and says he loves them and feels their pain for "stolen election" and he's proud of them etc. So which is it? Is trump saying he loves antifa members then? I can understand the conspiratorial mind thinking a small faction of a protest group could be there to cause chaos but there's no way that the whole group that went Nuts storming the the capitol building were anything but hillbilly proud boy loyalists to trump. The fact that they were on 50 or more cameras not including the medias and they were not concealing their identity at all makes that seem even more ridiculous. They didn't conceal their identity while breaking windows and trespassing and stealing mail off of a government officials desk. Just trespassing on federal property especially when there's damage to property should mean arrests just in case charges are to be brought. For what they've reported because they interfered with/delayed governmental proceedings its a high crime offense. As we all have seen black lives matter Peaceful protesters were treated much more harshly than these violent anarchists. What gives?? I'm tired of good police officers saying there's no bias with any of them, they're just there to do their job. Obviously some are Extremely biased or they wouldn't be handing the armed militia killer from Illinois water. They wouldn't be taking pictures with the trump terrorists from the riot today if they were doing their jobs correctly. There are some serious overhauls needed of training and some in our countrys mindsets and its needed Now.

Dale Failor

How can a President be so mental? He has a SEVERE mental problem. As I said once before Sallie, Trump will be in prison come 2024.

Michael Shohoney

I agree that RCP should at least force a fact check on what Sallie writes. This is not censorship. This is the basis of responsible journalism. Twitter does it. Why can't you? All she posts is regurgitated fodder from extremist web sites.

To Sallie, the integrity of this election may very well be the best ever as technology has given us the tools to be better than we ever have. Your distrust is due to your unchecked support of a madman. What happened today is on his hands and on the hands of his supporters. Which means that you and your musings are contributory. I hope you're proud.

Mark Alexander

When is the riponpress going to stop posting letters purporting False conspiracy theory insanity? Ron Johnson who became attached at the hip to trump just like graham and Mcconnel did so to attempt to gain political clout and also for monetary gain. They had A Lot of time to bring their Bogus allegations of fraud in front of numerous courts many of them presided over by Republican appointed judges and were quickly thrown out with the equivalent of an eye roll emoji followed by a laughing face. Their claims are ridiculous and they've presented Zero proof even though they had ample time to produce it if it existed. Trump had many lawyers quit while they attempted this. Why? Because they knew how bogus it all was.

Our society has gained extremists on both sides who no longer know how to or are willing to accept that they Lost.

What's going on at the Capital building Today in Washington is the perfect case and point. Fools wound up by a trump rally and tweets and foreign conspiracy theories posted on right wing websites like those visited by the submitter of this letter. Obviously fraudulent but because they want to believe they turn off their cognitive skills and choose to buy in whole hog. Trump should be jailed for the one person (so far) a woman who has been shot by Capital police for storming the building armed. He is intentionally enraging these people all because he is Vain and Narcissistic and obviously can't handle a loss. He has an extremely fragile ego. Our country could not have sustained another 4 years of the petulant child so we can count ourselves Lucky he's out in a couple of weeks!!!

Carol Cate

My dear Sallie, how proud you must be if you turn on your TV and watch all of the Trump supporters descend and storm our nation's capital. If you are not with them physically, I somehow feel that sitting in the comfort of your home you are silently cheering them on! How gullible Trump supporters are. You and other supporters have swallowed every lie told by this individual and those lies (which you evidently believe) have lead to the storming of our nation's capital on this day. What a sad day in our history.

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