“BACK TO THE FUTURE?” ...was an apropos theme for last week Saturday’s Septemberfest celebration in downtown Ripon. I’m not saying that because I’m a superfan of that 1985 hit movie.

... Rather, it felt like some kind of scene out of the movie for me over the weekend. Recall the scene where Marty goes back in time, and sees his father at his same age, 30 years prior?

Felt a bit like that Saturday morning. There I was, now a 39-year-old guy, walking up to a Delorean similar to the one in the movie (minus certain key parts), with my 9-year-old son — 9 being, of course, the age I was when the movie came out, and when I saw it for the first time. ...

To read how Ian explains to his 9-year-old the cultural significance of the Delorean and Knight Rider, see the Sept. 24, 2015 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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