by Stephanie Prellwitz,

executive director,

Green Lake Association

Green Lake is a treasured lake of statewide significance. ... [but it] is not alone in its water quality challenges. In Wisconsin, 1,437 water bodies are classified as impaired ...

In 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources classified Green Lake as an impaired water body for its excessive nutrients, primarily phosphorus, causing low dissolved oxygen at certain depths in the lake.

This is why the Green Lake Association (GLA) is cultivating partnerships and aligning resources of unprecedented proportions.

We are engaging thought-, business- and community-leaders with a singular focus of improving water quality. ...

As a lake community, if we do nothing, the lake’s natural deterioration will continue to evolve over time. To optimize water quality and lake health, proactive steps need to be taken now to start the process of reversing this course and restoring our natural treasure. ...

To read the entire column, see the Sept. 3, 2015 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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