Column: Welcome to 2010! So you say it's going to be a better year, eh?

BY ONE PREDICTION, this could be the scene of Boca Grande buying City Hall to turn it into a parking lot. Ian Stepleton photo

Welcome to 2010!

Many of you likely are happy to have survived 2009. Few would call the year past a good one.

So let’s stop talking about 2009, and start looking forward! With 51 more weeks left in 2010, we have much to anticipate.

Let’s look forward to ...

What could be.

What should be.

To that end, I asked a handful of Commonwealth readers one simple question: What SHOULD the headlines be in the coming year?

Their suggestions could be poignant or pointed, funny or factual.

The only requirement was that they say what they would like to see occur in the coming annum.

Responses came in by drips and drabs at first.

Jennifer Aither sent the first — one I’m sure we could all agree upon:

“I would like the top story in 2010 to be Alysse Zabel cancer free forever, guaranteed.”

After that, the floodgates started to open. And if they had one theme, it would be this: Riponites have much hope for 2010. In a few cases, maybe a little too much ...

“Boca Grande spa puts Ripon on the map as a destination; city repaid,” predicted the Rev. Art Volkmann.

“Renovated Roadhouse Pizza reopens with huge crowds and parking problems,” Chris Stieber wrote. “City Hall is purchased by Boca and torn down for parking.”

And, in a reference to a restaurant owned by Boca’s Ripon Restaurant Group, Linda DeCramer prognosticated, “Refreshments were out of this world! The restaurant, ‘America,’ procured locally and organically produced foods for the event. With the guidance of Barbara Kingsolver (‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’) and Michael Pollan (‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Food Inc.’) they created gourmet delectables in support of environmental peace.”

A GOOD YEAR IN LOCAL education was another theme Riponites predicted for 2010.

Superintendent Richard Zimman sees the following occurring:

“First in Nation — 100 percent of Ripon Middle School and Ripon High School Students Make Honor Roll,” he said will occur. “Yes, our teachers are that good ... if only all the other intervening factors that interfere with a child’s learning could be set aside.” ...

Also in education news to expect in 2010, according to Ric Damm, “Ripon College cycling team wins national title” and “Ripon teachers receive a raise.”

“I suppose the first, while unlikely, has got the better odds,” he commented. ...

WE MAY NOT SEE ALL those headlines ... or even any of them.

But may 2010 be all you wish it to be. Happy New Year!

Read the full column in the Jan. 7, 2009 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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