Editorial: Church's coffeehouse idea's a winner

THREE FRIENDS OF Ripon Community Church enjoying fellowship — and “black cows” — during a church adventure trip in Colorado are, from left, Megan Prellwitz, Carissa Giebel and Abbey Chall. submitted photo

... This country is politically polarized, at war on two fronts, consuming less news and experiencing a popular culture that is more fragmented than at any time in our history.

The common ground is shrinking, and with it, the sense of community.

So what does all this have to do with Ripon’s newest, and seemingly fasted growing, church?


At a time when our world seems hellbent on tearing us away from each other, the Ripon Community Church plans to bring us together.

The church is planning to create a non-alcoholic, family-friendly gathering place for local people to hang out, play board games, listen to music, perform, read, sing, hear speakers, sip coffee, meet, confer or sit in silence.

Although the church is proposing to establish and operate the center — the congregation will vote on buying a particular downtown building on Sunday — the venue will be open to people of all faiths.

It will be an ecumenical “Cheers,” if you will — a place for friends to meet friends, and for friends to make friends.

It’s just what Ripon needs. A youth center ... for everyone!

If the congregation OKs the building purchase Sunday, Pastor Mike Holba is hoping for an April 2 closing. ...

— Tim Lyke

Read the full editorial in the Jan. 14, 2010 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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