On Nov. 19, Ripon’s congressman Rep.Glenn Grothman, R-Glenbeulah, went to the floor of the House of Representatives outside of the legislative day to offer his take on COVID vaccination mandates.

Grothman COVID Response

Rep. Glenn Grothman speaking to a reporter across the street from the Green Lake County Government Center in August: “I don’t like to get into playing sides on it, OK?”

Specifically, he addressed President Biden signing a Sept. 9 executive order that establishes a vaccine mandate beginning Jan. 4 for employees of hospitals and health-care facilities funded by the federal government, and businesses with more than 100 workers.

A U.S. federal appeals court on Nov. 6 issued a stay on Biden’s order, citing “grave statutory and constitutional” issues with the rule.

Below is a verbatim transcript of what Grothman said:

“Thank you. Like all other congressmen, I’m sure my office has received many calls from people objecting to the OSHA rules or related CMS [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] rules related to employees of hospitals. It amazes me the number of articulate doctors and nurses, other employees out there who have good reasons not to take the vaccine. Whether their doctors have told them don’t take it because you already have antibodies, you have too many antibodies, the vaccine is going to make you sick. Whether it’s doctors who tell their patients you better not take the vaccine, your cancer is in remission, the vaccine can weaken you and bring it back. Again and again and again it appalls me that Dr. Biden decides to weigh in and knows better for these people than what their own doctors do. Not to mention that there’s [sic] plenty of things on the internet which may be true even though they try to take them down and keep us in the dark, that some people, very articulate people, believe the vaccines are not for you and there are other ways to deal with the problem.”

First, give Grothman his due.

He’s right. We should consult our physicians about our health care.

Now to the substance of his message.

Grothman’s disinformation fire hydrant spewed torrents. His bogus claims, as well as his unwillingness to share his vaccination status while in Green Lake County on Aug. 4, are measures meant to scare people away from protecting themselves and others.

First, his one-minute talk failed to acknowledge that he was speaking more than two months after Biden’s order was issued and two weeks after a court froze it, suggesting his diatribe was meant to score political points rather than save lives.

Second, his warnings that cancer victims or immuno-compromised people may become more sick due to a vaccine mandate fails to acknowledge that the order required eligible businesses to provide employees unable or unwilling to be vaccinated to be tested at least weekly. One can argue whether this is government overreach, but the counterargument requires acknowledgement of the current public health care/economic/public school crisis we have been dealing with for almost two years. And it might also include the notion that state government for years has required Wisconsin’s public school children to receive the polio/rubella/mumps etc. vaccines (or to provide parent-signed waivers).

Third and most important, Grothman’s primary premise is fallacious: the body’s immune system does not make “too many” antibodies directed against an infectious agent. There is no basis for this claim, clinically or scientifically. None.

There are health conditions — autoimmune diseases, cancers of B-lymphocytes and plasma cells (multiple myeloma); etc. — where abnormal antibodies are produced and in large quantities. But those conditions have nothing to do with infections, and nothing to do with vaccines.

There also are “adverse events” that may be related to the vaccine, such as minimal nephrotic syndrome, where protein is excreted in urine that does not contain antibodies raised by the body’s immune response to a vaccine. This condition arises as a rare, adverse reaction to a variety of vaccines. It is not related to COVID vaccines as such. In most cases, it is not even clear that the condition is caused by a vaccine.

A journal article estimates the size of a human’s antibody repertoire at about 10 billion antigens that the body can raise antibodies against. So receiving a vaccine to get one’s dendritic cells to activate and organize a clone of his or her B-lymphocytes to make antibodies against one antigen (e.g. spike protein epitopes identified on COVID patients) consumes just one of that repertoire of 10 billion (source: Fanning LJ, Connor AM, Wu GE, April 1996, “Development of the immunoglobulin repertoire”).

In other words, contrary to the Grothman’s assertion, it’s not “too many.” The vaccine is not reducing any significant percentage of one’s immune system’s lifetime natural capacity or repertoire for responding to other antigens/epitopes needed to defend oneself in the future. It’s taking only about 0.00000001% of the immune system’s repertoire. So deciding not to get vaccinated if possible is not “smart” or manifesting some greater insight of superior logic.

It is not shrewdly conserving some scarce capability your body has that requires stingy stewardship or rationing like the congressman implies. Instead, it’s foolishly foregoing safe and effective protection and putting yourself and others needlessly at risk.

Fourth, the notion that being “articulate” — Grothman uses the reference twice — somehow implies that good speech = good science, is fallacious. Hitler knew the art of cogent public speaking was crucial to his political career, yet that didn’t give his hateful words any virtue or validity.

Fifth, internet overseers “try to keep us in the dark.” Look in the mirror, congressman. Grothman’s words are irresponsible and dangerous. America’s current COVID death count of 777,000 will reach 1 million by March if this keeps up.

The virus does not care about Grothman’s beliefs or opinions or free speech or lies. What he and others peddle, recklessly and shamefully, have caused unprecedented harm to civil society and to the health of individuals and communities.

Our congressman is beyond ignorant. He deliberately sows lies to help foment voter fear and anger to assure his own reelection. Shame on him.

And shame on us if we reelect this charlatan in 2022.

— Tim Lyke

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Allen Wizen

Tim can feel free to call Glen Grothman ignorant, but if I say the same about Tim, that comment will be removed. Sounds about right from a liberal. Can dish out the criticism but can't take it. Big man.

Michael Shohoney

Once again, you are posting under a made up name. Come out from behind your curtain.

Allen Wizen

Made up name? What are you talking about dude.

Michael Shohoney

P. S. If you would look at the masthead of the paper, you would know that Tim is not the editor and has no control over the postings out here.

Arthur Baseler

You aren't too big of a man yourself if you can't even use your real name.


Allen Wizen

I'm not using a fake name...Just because Shohoney doesn't know who I am doesn't mean I don't exist lmao.

Jerald Davidson

Al, if one questions another's motives or veracity, one must provide evidence of ones' claims, not merely assert unsubstantiated charges. Tim has done that in spades over his past several editorials on Glenn Grothman.

Enjoy your Kool-Aid.

Mark Alexander

Grothman is exactly like Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School before he dives into the pool. He licks his finger and holds it up to see which way the winds blowing and he latches on like a leech happy to be affiliated with that group. He reflects extremely poorly on us and spends too much time being a charlatan. If he had been alive in the 1800's he would have been pulling a wagon from town to town that said Dr. Nincompoops Tonic for what Ails Ya

Eric P Godfrey

Excellent editorial, Tim. To the point and (unlike what Grothman said) with actual facts. Note a familiar Grothman-Trump tactic: accuse people of doing something, and then do it even bigger yourself (hypocrisy for short). Grothman accuses Pres. Biden of substituting his medical knowledge for that of people's doctors, which the President actually wasn't doing - Pres. Biden relies on top doctors, epidemiologists, and other medical experts; his job is to turn their science-based recommendations about what is needed to protect the public into policy. Rep. Grothman on the other hand makes a series of his own medically ridiculous claims (all of which are laughably wrong) and then tells you who he is relying on: random people on the Internet, some of whom have been removed by Facebook for spreading dangerous misinformation. He is an embarrassment (and a danger) to our district and our state.

margaret klapperich


Sallie Helmer

No one can be more of an embarrassment and a danger to the entire United States than Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal was a total DISASTER.

“A very sad sight watching yesterday as the Taliban had a major Military parade displaying much of the [billions of dollars] of Military equipment the United States surrendered to them…the Afghanistan withdrawal was the greatest embarrassment in the history of our Country!”

- President Donald Trump

Arthur Baseler

Quoting a draft dodging molester is not the best move Sallie. BTW, did you forget that tRump set in motion the withdrawal of US forces with his agreement with the Taliban with out the Afgan government's input.

Sallie Helmer

Slow Joe Biden did NOT follow President Trump's troop withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. Trump's agreement with the Taliban Had conditions on the Taliban; NOT to give our enemy, Billions of dollars in United States military equipment, and to get our citizens and those with visa's out of harms way, out of Afghanistan before taking the troops out. Only the Biden Administration could orchestrate such foolishness.

Polls suggest more Americans hold unfavorable views of Biden and Harris than do Trump

December 10, 2021


Ben Marquis

"RealClearPolitics currently shows Biden with an average favorability rating of 42.4% and an unfavorability rating of 52.6%. Similarly, Harris is sitting around 39.8% favorability, with unfavorability at a whopping 53.3%.

By comparison, Trump is currently viewed favorably by 40.6% of the American public and unfavorably by 52.4%, according to polls."

“Think about how discredited the media must be that they have failed this resoundingly,” Nolte wrote Friday. “It seems impossible that with all the levers of power at their disposal, all that money, the ability to saturate and coordinate, Trump’s in better shape than Biden and Harris, two people the media use that same power to protect, boost, and swoon over.”

The Breitbart writer went on to herald the latest numbers as proof that the “transparently craven, shameless, and corrupt” mainstream media is no longer capable of “gaslighting” the American people with its biased coverage.


Arthur Baseler

"And shame on us if we reelect this charlatan in 2022."

If he makes it through the primary of course he'll be reelected Tim. Seeing as the only qualification needed in this area is an R behind his name.

Sallie Helmer

"And shame on us if we reelect this charlatan in 2022." Arthur Baseler

You said it Arthur, but for the wrong candidate. shame on us if we reelect Democrat Governor Tony Evers.

"The News: Governor Tony Evers vetoed curriculum transparency legislation (SB 463/ AB 488), Friday, denying parents access to the classroom materials in our public schools. The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) supported the legislation to require all public schools to publicly provide access to the material taught in our public-school classrooms."


Arthur Baseler

When will we be getting your pious letter about Christmas Sallie or will you be writing it under your son's name? BTW how has that Foxconn thing that Walker agreed to worked out for the State. Still waiting for that 15,000 jobs.

Sallie Helmer

I do not write anything using my son's name. I do not have too. He writes as well as I do and better than I do. Is it pious to quote from the Bible, the words of Jesus Christ Himself? Merry Christmas Arthur.

Judy Gauthier

Thanks Tim. Well said. I wonder if people that think they know more than the experts run to the experts when they get sick? Like, if they’re having a heart attack do they consult the guy on the neighboring bar stool or run to a reputable cardiologist? Hmmm. Just wondering.

Sallie Helmer

There are two ‘Sets of Rules’ for Covid Testing for those Coming in Legally or Illegally through the Border. If Covid wasn’t political why would Biden allow open borders with no testing of illegals coming into the United States?

Jerald Davidson

In her comment of Dec. 11, 1:42 pm, Sallie asks "Is it pious to quote from the Bible, the words of Jesus Christ Himself?"

It may be, but much more likely is that it is pure hypocrisy, that Christ's message of peace, love, and help for the poor has been subverted into endless wars (particularly gainst the poor (who are always black or brown) and demonization of the poor and disadvantaged.

Today's "evangelicals" are not following of the teachings of the pacific Jesus Christ, but are neo-Calvinists, still-born again Christian Zionists (Zionist, yet still anti_Semite) who regard wealth (and whiteness) as a sign of "God's election".

margaret klapperich

Well said!!

Dale Failor

This is one Groth Wi does not need.

Arthur Baseler

Kind of like a wart?

Joellyn Jaeger

Thank You Tim.

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