Bagging groceries

Two grocery stores four miles away from each other just off Highway 23. One is in Fond du Lac County, the other in Green Lake County.

In one, clerks, baggers, stockers and managers wear face coverings. In the other, few staff are masked.

This situation is cited not to pass judgement — both are extraordinarily customer-friendly businesses. Rather, it is a metaphor that reflects our state’s dearth of leadership.

Neither store — nor any of the state’s restaurants, retailers, services and industries — have been given statewide-guidance on how to proceed following Wisconsin’s abrupt, de facto legal decision to “open up.”

It’s no secret that Wisconsin, formerly known for having a government marked by collegiality and cooperation, is now sullied with such constant and intense partisan loathing that political one-upmanship, not the people’s welfare, is the holy grail in Madison.

Churches in Ripon are opening up, or not opening up, in all manner of styles. A couple now offer services restricting worshippers to 25% capacity. At least two offer drive-up services. Some continue to worship virtually.

Normally this diversity of styles is acceptable if not welcome. From such innovation best practices are derived.

But when a pandemic exists in a state whose curve not only has not flattened but continues to rise, one would expect firm, unified leadership to offer public-health guidance from the people’s governor and their representatives in Madison.

Read the full editorial in the June 4, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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