Congratulations, Alex Dallman! Now please show up.

You ran a winning Republican primary campaign a month ago to represent Ripon, Green Lake and the rest of the 41st District in the state assembly.

You dutifully put up lawn signs, marched in parades, mailed fliers, made phone calls and knocked on doors.

Alex Dallman

Alex Dallman will have an opportunity to share and compare his views with those of his opponents should he decide, albeit past the confirmation deadline, to attend a forum Sept. 17 sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Ripon Area.

You appeared at Republican party meetings and community events, ran ads in local newspapers and received endorsements by former Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin Right to Life, the Tavern League of Wisconsin and some sheriffs.

And you’ve raised money, warning us against your opponent and the “Left-wing, west coast money flowing into” his campaign. (Note: Nathan Zimdars’ uncle in Yorba Linda, Calif. sent him $100 in February; that’s the same amount you received from that right-wing East Coaster, Rachel VerVelde, who is Rep. Glenn Grothman’s chief of staff in Washington, D.C.)

But when asked to participate in candidate forums?


You’ve kept your head down low, haven’t shown up and so have avoided that messy business of having to answer questions from those good-government types at the League of Women Voters of the Ripon Area (LWV).

You missed their first primary forum in the Ripon Common Council chambers on June 25, and have failed to confirm your attendance by last week’s deadline for the upcoming event in Ripon on Sept. 17.

It’s no secret that your political protege, Grothman, refuses to attend any events where his campaign’s competitors are present.

Hate to have the public compare and contrast, seems to be his mantra, voters be damned.

Should you parrot that crass campaign tactic you will thumb you nose at the democratic (small “d”) notion of letting voters evaluate their candidates while all are in the same room.

The person you hope to succeed in your bid for the 41st Assembly District, state Rep. Joan Ballweg, has a reputation for being the first to submit her confirmation when asked to participate in LWV events.

We hope you’ll ignore Grothman and instead, follow her example from here on, out of respect for the voters, the democratic process and the notion that government works best when the people’s representatives are transparent, accountable and accessible.

— Tim Lyke

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