To the editor:

Wisconsin Statute § 323.10, expressly provides that “a state of emergency shall not exceed 60 days, unless the state of emergency is extended by joint resolution of the legislature.”

Roughly an hour after the Wisconsin Assembly joined the Senate in passing a joint resolution to end Democrat Governor Tony Evers’ fifth public health emergency in the past year—the Governor issued a sixth.

The Legislature added a provision for receiving the nearly $50 million a month in federal funds.

Democrat Evers has openly defied state law, willfully and unconstitutionally usurped the authority of the State Legislature. Evers continues his illegal efforts to impose mask mandates and to shut down in-person education. Wearing face-masks should be voluntary.

Evers used his public health Emergency powers to encourage voter fraud.

Ozaukee County Judge Malloy, 2019, ruled the Elections Commission must update voter rolls removing those that moved or died from the Wisconsin registration database, Evers appealed it. Democrats and their controlled Media claim any laws to ensure fairness and accuracy in elections is voter suppression or racism. Evers is guilty of changing state election rules too close to an election without state legislative authority to do so. Evers did away with Voter ID laws for mail-in ballots using the COVID-19 emergency.

More people vote using Voter ID laws than without them.

Thank you, State Senator Joan Ballweg, Republican, and to all state legislators, especially elected Republicans, who stood up against the dictatorial and illegal actions of Democrat Governor Evers.

— Sallie Helmer


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Sallie Helmer

Michael Shohoney,

Plagiarism is how Joe Biden got to be president.

Dale Failor

Sallie you don't get the point as normal. Point is everyone should HAVE to wear a mask if there is a medical situation like now. You consider that is a right being taken away, I consider it my right to insist you wear a mask to save other people's lives. What about smoking in public places, in your eyes that was a right taken away from people for medical reasons also. It was proven to save lives so it was made a law. At first people fought about it and now no one mentions it. Get use to change Sallie, if people want to do things that will endanger other people they will be out numbered and their personal freedom will get shot down every time.

Dale Failor

Sallie if you want proof that mask work, research it. You will get tons of proof.

Sallie Helmer

Dale, I am not the one trying to take your right away to wear a mask. I choose to wear a mask. This is about more than wearing face masks. In America we still have individual rights-- the Chinese Communist Party has not taken over just yet.

Jerald Davidson

Yeah Sallie, It is even worse than the "Chinese Communist Party". It is the Trumpian wing of the Republican wing of the duopoly (shared with the Democratic wing) that rules the US "in the name of the people", but in reality "for the corporations and banks" (whence come all their campaign contributions, usually fairly equally distributed between parties [two wings] because either wing will [and do} serve their interest).

Dale Failor

Who say's mask work, research it there is all kinds of facts on it. Stop looking at BS on the internet and search for the truth about mask and it will appear all over.

Adam Umbreit


The law states that the governor of Wisconsin can put into effect for 60 days a public health emergency and can be reviewed after 60 days per the LAW: Wisconsin Statute § 323.10. The Supreme court did not rule the last time when Republicans outside groups tried to fight this that if the Legislature has a problem with this valid state law that it is up to them to introduce a new law and pass it. Instead, the cowards continue to use their derelict rich buddies to do their dirty work for them, as they know that the majority of Wisconsin’s voters, business owners, health professionals and schools want the mandate in place because simply it is a no-brainer. As for the voter rolls clearing. Every Republican ran state has tried to push for this because it helps them win elections. These efforts have all failed because the laws of this country are LAWFUL. Now we all know you are a huge fan of lawlessness because you support a lawless loser Donald Trump, and you are still whining and weeping your pro-Trump propaganda agenda. My advice to you is grow up and get educated on how a democracy works. YOU and your failed un-American party LOST! Stop spreading lies and deception!

Sallie Helmer

Lies and deception? The problem is you think people are not smart enough to decide what is best for their own health. Individuals do not want a State government telling them what to do with their own bodies. Women who are for aborting their own children have a slogan-- ""My Body, My Choice". According to you that is wrong. According to you, Adam, the State has the power over our bodies-- not ourselves. Where is that in the Constitution?

Adam Umbreit

“My body My choice” personal decision that is done by health professionals in a clinic or hospital. Passing on a deadly virus blown through the air spread to other human beings by not wearing the correct protective gear is not a “My body my choice” moment Sallie. Good leadership takes care of everybody and when a deadly virus can kill people then yes, some of you are not smart enough to regulate yourselves. Government is there for people like you Sallie.

What’s interesting is you think it’s okay for religious groups and Republicans to use their power of government to regulate and eliminate insurance options for those who want to use birth control or use Planned Parenthood for advice on current medical situations. Kind of makes you look like a fool with what you just said Sallie.

Sallie Helmer

What? Abortions are decided in a hospital by health professionals?

Jerald Davidson

Well, Sallie, people are smart enough - or would be if they had not been dumbed-down by 8 years of US historical mythology throughout grade school; by years of government propagandizing; by years of media disinformation. All demanding unquestioning loyalty. "Unquestioning" being the key word, as we are brought up to listen and obey, not think.

I believe I agree with your commentary, if it means you agree women should have free choice as regards child-bearing.

Dale Failor

How many people have to die before you realize that a mask is not and should not be a personal decision. If you want to die, move to another country and save our great country. Sallie you and many Republicans will never get it, I wish just ONE person would give me a very good reason why they should not have to wear a mask. I don't mean it's your freedom right. This is a Pandemic, it;s life or death for our entire country not just you.

Sallie Helmer

Where is the proof that masks work?

Mark Alexander

Once again Sallie aims for the bullseye but ends up missing by a mile because of biased ignorance. Every is doing what hes doing to save lives. He should be getting a medal not being called a dictator. Garbage republican politicians in our state are living in the 1950s and mainly voting not based on brains or conscience but the worry of being reelected by rednecks who's views they try to represent. Its pathetic and those state senators should be jailed for malicious cowardice.

As for election b.s. Still being spouted enough is enough its over. There were so many cases brought in front of republican judges shot down with disdain and laughter at the ridiculousness of them that you think the spewers of election fraud would slink silently back into their caves. So do you also believe the insane q-anon conspiracy theory that dons gonna be magically put back in office March 4th-5th??? Guess what piece of garbage raised his room rates at his Washington hotel nearly 3 fold to help his supporters that may be there?? Can't get more pathetic than over charging fools who actually like you. Stop reading extremist conspiracy theory "news" organizations. Its in your minds best interest.

Also can I send letters to the editor saying unicorns are real since other false conspiracy theory drivel is printed??

Sallie Helmer

Sad, you do not know what a dictator is. If former President Donald John Trump forced you to wear a mask you would say he was acting like a dictator. And you call me biased.

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, if Trump would have advocated for and set the example for wearing a mask and practicing social distancing from the outset, we wouldn't have to deal with the fools that scream "my rights." Trump caused this problem by his own ignorance and stubbornness. You're just following along. Sad, really.

Sallie Helmer

Trump is not responsible for the China virus. He is responsible for the vaccine that will end the virus.

Michael Shohoney

China virus. There you go showing your Trumpian colors again. Shame on you turning it into a xenophobic slur. Trump is not responsible for the vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies that invested billions are responsible for it. Their investment, along with many, many countries' investment including the US is responsible for it. Trump takes credit but he isn't due any more than any other leader for the vaccine.

Sallie Helmer

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed accelerated the production of coronavirus vaccines to issue out to those living in the US. The organization is both public and private and works with top leading labs to mass produce a remedy for the virus. Operation Warp Speed (OWS) was introduced in April of this year during the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization was initiated by the Trump administration and was funded with nearly $10billion through the CARES Act passed by Congress.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar believes that the vaccines will be safe once they are ready by 2021. “In creating a vaccine portfolio for Operation Warp Speed, the Trump Administration is increasing the likelihood that the United States will have at least one safe, effective vaccine by 2021,” said Azar in an HHS press release. The reason Democrats hate Trump so much is because Trump was good at everything. The Greatest President in Decades. Democrats never would have gotten a Covid Vaccination ready in the short amount of time former President Trump did.

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, there you go once again, copying and pasting (without attribution, I might add). Sallie, that's known as plagiarism. It's dishonest. A form of lying. Stop it.

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