To the editor:

One-hundred-million dollars for schools or really just a property tax reduction?

Which is it, Mr. Walker?

Scott Walker uses a very clever way of announcing that he wants to give money back to schools.

So Scott says he is donating $100 million of property taxes to schools, which in reality will never even see a school bank account but will instead blast right past schools to lower taxes for the taxpayers.

Why would Scott lie about giving funding to schools when really all he is doing is giving a property tax amount back to property owners?

Does Scott think people are too stupid to not see what he didn’t do?

It’s bad enough cutting $1.2 billion from education like he did a few years ago, but it’s even worse to act like he is giving schools a gift and then snatching it right back just for the political gain. ...

— Adam Umbreit


To read the entire letter, see the Oct. 24, 2013 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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