Ian Stepleton’s article “Boca fund nearly drained” in the Sept. 9 edition of theRipon Commonwealth has prompted me to respond by talking about trolls.

The new mural in Roadhouse combines imagery from the famous “Troll” mural in the old restaurant with a new and innovative design. I love it!

I am able to remember the good times I had at Roadhouse in younger days and still look forward to the exciting place it has become.

I feel this concern about past and future has been the cornerstone of the Boca Grande project, and why I think it is a visionary investment in the future of Ripon.

This project will change things we have loved about Ripon in the past, and yes, sometimes the future is unknowable and therefore intimidating.

However, Mr. Stepleton’s article seemed paranoid and distrustful towards Boca Grande and their finances, detailing expenses made without proper context, and vaguely alluding to wasteful spending. I found his writing irresponsible and unnecessarily slanted. ...

I think our community should continue to support Boca Grande and all they will create for the future of Ripon. Long live that troll!

— Rafael Salas

627 Lincoln St.

To read the entire letter, see the Sept. 16 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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