(Re: “Ripon students see day-to-day life of German peers,” Aug. 17, 2017) Recently, I was interviewed by the Ripon Commonwealth Press regarding my experience as a participant in Ripon High School’s summer exchange trip to the city of Stade in northern Germany.

This was a life-changing, positive experience and I believe the article that was published following the interview gave off the wrong impression about some aspects of our time in Germany. ...

The lines that were shown as quotes by a teacher were actually side thoughts, i.e. jokes exchanged between the three other interviewed students and me as we talked about our memories of our trip.

In addition, the sports day event in which we as Ripon students were invited to participate was, for some reason, shown in a negative light.

No one was forced to play and it was a very laid-back, fun day. I hope readers of the article understood that no one really got hurt in any volleyball or soccer games.

Unfortunately, readers of the article probably also got the wrong impression of our host city’s mayor, Silvia Nieber, because a comment I made as a joke during our interview was listed as something I believed she’d actually said.

The mayor never once said anything mean-spirited or disrespectful about an airline or anything else, in fact she was unbelievably warmhearted.

She and her staff welcomed our whole group to the community of Stade with a reception and souvenirs of the city. ...

We learned so much, we loved meeting so many new people and visiting so many new places, and we wouldn’t change a thing. ...

— Emily Fritts

8774 Grams Road

To read the entire letter, see the Aug. 24 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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