Letter: Bocks undeterred by feds, snow

LOUIE BOCK plays his guitar for the snow-bound travelers. submitted photo

To the editor:

We wanted to remind the Ripon area that you are home to two saints. Louie and Shelby Bock truly meet the test.

On Sept. 29, they hosted 45 people on a bus trip to the Badlands and South Dakota landmarks.

Beautiful scenery, nice travelers and Bingo, door prizes, snacks, water and care. Our comfort and safety was their main concern.

Well, on the second day, the idiots in Washington decided to close federal parks and monuments. Louie sprung into action, never missing a beat.

We saw the Badlands and then saw state-operated parks. Crazy Horse is up there laughing at the losers in our government. And I do stress “our.”

Anyway, Friday, we awake to the worst blizzard they had seen in years.

Two extra days in a crowded motel, very little food, loss of power for 45 minutes. I-90 was closed and semis stranded.

Louis and Shelby made light of it. After all, we were safe, warm and dry. No need to panic. Sunday the sun came out and so did we.

... If you ever get a chance to travel with the Bocks, do it! You will not be disappointed.

Thanks Louie and Shelby.

Two happy travelers,

— Bev and Gordon Cady


To read the entire letter, see the Oct. 24, 2013 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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