To the Editor:

(Re: “Ripon was warned,” April 24, 2014), The so-called “warnings” were mere cautions and now serve as CYA for former City Administrator Steve Barg, City Administrator Lori Rich, City Attorney Lud Wurtz and Ripon Main Street manager Craig Tebon.

These cautions via a “highly confidential” memo to the City Council and a private email to Jim Connelly remained hidden from public view. The public silence of the city staff and Tebon and the gung-ho bull-rush of Mayor Aaron Kramer and the City Council enchanted the unthinking portion of the citizenry who could not resist the bait of Ripon as a tourist mecca.

... These concerns were never brought before the public nor raised at the public hearings/listening sessions.

... For public consumption, there are no concerns by Barg. The warnings of Ehlers and Associates (the city’s bond counsel) and the FCEDC (the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corp.) were duly ignored by the council.

... In sum, Ripon was not warned; it was misled. The council was warned and did the misleading.

— Jerry Davidson

515 Scott St.

To read the entire letter, see the May 1, 2014 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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