To the editor:

I applaud the city of Ripon for pursuing their case against the Boca group. To let someone off the hook after taking millions dollars from the city of Ripon would be a crime in itself. What type of message would we be sending to our children to say it’s OK to take money from someone and walk away without filling your obligations?

... There will always be buyers for the buildings in question and always someone to want to open a business in Ripon if they know the city will stand up for them and have their backs. We need to bring real people back into the city of Ripon’s main street shops again and bring back the character the city has been missing.

I... would be dead set against a settlement with those who walked away with millions of Ripon city taxpayers’ monies...

— David Eiler


To read the entire letter, see the July 31, 2014 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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