To the editor:

   As we all watch the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, I constantly hear about the brave people on the front-line. Doctors, nurses, police, firefighters and so on. I never hear about anyone mention two very important essential workers. Water and wastewater operators!

   People turn on their faucet and clean water comes out! People flush their toilets and water flows down the drain!

   People take for granted what the hardworking operators at the water and wastewater facilities do for them each and every day of the year.

   Through this pandemic, these workers are taking risks when they go to work every day providing these valuable, essential services to our residents.

   I want to personally thank the following city of Ripon, front-line water and wastewater employees: Water Lead Operator Jim Jacobs, Water Operators Jay Towne, Dave LaViolette and Travis Staab. Wastewater Lab Tech/Lead Operator Jeremy Jess, Wastewater Lab Tech Josh Reitz, Wastewater Operator Brett Lind and Maintenance Mechanic Dana Berry.

   Your work is greatly appreciated; thank you!

— Chris Liveris

City of Ripon utility manager

100 Jackson St.

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