To the editor:

All this police brutality is happening in Democrat run blue states.

The Democrats are supposed to have fixed this kind of racism, bigotry and ugly behavior by the cops.

For 50 years, Democrats have been promising their constituents utopia, but they still have grievances and are still complaining. Since 1964, 1965, LBJ and the Democrats promised equality, and idealistic lifestyles to end discrimination!

There isn’t going to be any meanness or extremism where the Democrats run things. When they are elected there will be fairness, sameness and equality.

The Democrat Party (liberalism, leftism, communism, socialism) have failed and made things worse. Leftists can’t admit that their ideas don’t work and haven’t worked.

They cannot blame themselves and their Liberal policies so they’re blaming America and Republicans.

Young white Millennials blame the wrong people, they’ve been told lies, and some have joined Antifa.

Liberalism and the Democrat Party have rejected all moral principles. The left doesn’t believe in God, and they don’t want you believing in religion or God.

Morality, to them, is however each individual defines it.

Every riot, protest march, burned cop car, torn-down building, every building set afire is a testament to the failure of Liberalism.

They claim the U.S., which means the American people, are guilty of perpetual “systemic racism.”

Just because things are all upset and broken in blue states does not mean America has a systemic racism problem. What it means is that liberalism and the Democrat Party have failed.

— Sallie Helmer

116 Park St.

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