To the Editor:

Two American heroes, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote,” were escorted to prison by marshals after refusing to disclose the name of a mystery man who supposedly helped them investigate election software company Konnech.

“We have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China—serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers,” Phillips was quoted in the Gateway Pundit.

Why does it take days after the election to finally finish counting all the ballots?

Democrats need to know exactly how many votes, they need to steal the election. They didn’t get it right in 2016 when President Donald John Trump got more votes than they expected and won.

Four days after the election, it was announced that despite the polling showing the challenged post-stroke victim John Fetterman falling behind in the polls, he somehow managed to receive more votes than his Republican opponent Dr. Oz.

“The people in Allegheny County, PA should know that your leaders sold you and America out to China,” Phillips said.

The election fraud awakening is about to happen.

The Deep State believes they own it all and is all-powerful.

Trump and Brazil’s Bolsonaro, are in the same situation, both were cheated out of an election by the Deep State. The military is doing an audit of the election in Brazil.

In the U.S. and around the world people are seeing this play out. The truth will start to leak out.

What is Trump’s big announcement this week?

— Sallie Helmer


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Bill Bumby

Hey, Sallie! Stock tip…Heinz Ketchup!

Adam Umbreit

Sallie, I'd be interested to hear what your opinion is on the Gerrymandering of our districts making Wisconsin one of the most Republican Gerrymandered states in the union. Do you or don't you agree that there is extreme Gerrymandering in our state?

Sallie Helmer

Elections have consequences.

Bill Bumby

Yes, yes, they do. Fun fact for you, Sallie…Today is the 683rd day of Joe Biden being donald trump’s president

Mark Alexander

I am sickened by the insanity. Sickened that the internet and fox news have so many people wound up and angered by concocted crazy beliefs and then set them on a path to thawrt imagined conspiracy theories. It sounds like religious zealots who have been fed a story in order to get them to do their bidding out of believed furious righteousness. I'm starting to think L. Ron Hubbard was the trial run for trump the redder and redder tomato. The lies that you would have to tell yourself to believe that a womanizing chronic liar who can't quote one bible verse is somehow your Messiah is so far gone that only psychological help is the solution. It is truly insane they tell the other side they're snowflakes etc and then have to turn to conspiracy theories to try and explain and overturn their losses. We can't lose or its rigged. We never lose. Common sense is needed in large doses stat!

Sallie Helmer

The election was rigged. Trump ran against Biden, the Clintons, the Obamas, CNN, MSN, NBC, ABC, NPR, the elites, ETC.

Every mainstream elite and Mainstream Media silenced any criticism or wrongdoing by the Democrats like Hunter Biden and the Big Guy--Joe Biden. The government-controlled media called the 'laptop from Hades' Russian misinformation.

Michael Shohoney

ROTFLMAO! Thank you for the hearty laugh this morning. Truly hilarious post.

Sallie Helmer

National Group Uncovers Real-Time Democrat Election Fraud – HERE’S HOW THEY DID IT

By Joe Hoft

Published November 30, 2022 at 10:00am

Bill Bumby

You know, Michael… I do read her for comedic relief. How many times does she need to lose this election? It’s truly pathetic!

Al Fresco

One of your dumbest of the dumbest posts yet! If the election was so rigged why did any Republican win? There are no ways to rig elections in this country. this is why Republicans believe so heavily in gerrymandering. It's the only way normally sensible people would vote for them.

Adam Umbreit

Sallie, I think Dems all agree that if the Biden's are involved with any sort of illegal doings then they should stand trial for what they did. So far nothing has become of what Republicans have came up with. Whats funny is that you support the dirtiest POS of them all (TRUMP) and continue to follow the Koresh-Trump family right off the cliff... Just remember, Donnie loved Putin and now look at them both...

Sallie Helmer


Then you love Elon Musk--Elon Musk Exposes How Twitter Covered Up The Hunter Biden Scandal.

Sallie Helmer

Trump calls for ‘termination’ of election rules in Constitution to overturn 2020 election

by Jared Gans - 12/03/22 2:18 PM ET

Michael Shohoney

So you agree that the US Constitution should be abandoned!? Maybe you should move to another country. I, for one, believe and fully support our Constitution. And you call yourself a patriot.

Sallie Helmer

This is what President Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Donald J. Trump




“So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!





Dec 03, 2022 at 6:44 AM”

Trump Didn't Say to Terminate Constitution After Revelation of 'Twitter Files' - Don't Let Media Fool You

Michael Shohoney

Yep, "...termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution..." doesn't say what it says. You are so MAGA-delusional that you don't believe that which is in black and white. Wake up! Trump is DONE! You chose to back the wrong dude!

Michael Shohoney

Sallie. He's guilty of tax FRAUD. GUILTY! He has cheated the US government which means he has cheated you. Ready to jump ship? Or is your delusion that deeply rooted?

Judy Gauthier

Sally, you do not understand that lawyers cannot lie in a court of law, or they will be disbarred. Did you know just how many lawyers have been disbarred in the state of Texas for the frivolous lawsuits that they brought for Donald Trump, saying that the election was stolen? Try checking that out. If the election had been stolen, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? You seem to favor a system in which you can just accuse someone without evidence, and have it be deemed as truth. Maybe you should move to.....Russia perhaps? Our system is based on evidence. Thank God for that.

Sallie Helmer

A Democrat myth has arisen that Donald Trump’s denial of the accuracy of the 2020 vote was “unprecedented.”

In 2004, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and 31 Democratic House members voted not to certify the Ohio election results in their unhinged efforts to overturn the election. Those denialists included the current sanctimonious chairman of the January 6 select committee, U.S. Representative Benny Thompson (D-Miss).

After 2016, Democrats for years insisted that Donald Trump had “colluded” with Russia to “steal” certain victory from Hillary Clinton.

Clinton herself claimed that Trump was not a “legitimate” president.

The Clinton-FBI Russian-collusion hoax was a small part of the progressive effort to warp the 2016 election result.

Time magazine’s Molly Ball in a triumphalist essay bragged that in 2020 a combination of Big Tech money from Silicon Valley—fueled by Mark Zuckerberg’s $419 million infusion—absorbed the balloting collection and counting of several key voting precincts weighed to help Joe Biden.

Ball bragged of careful pre-election censoring of the contemporary news by Big Tech. Most notably, that effort spread the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was “Russian disinformation.”

Michael Shohoney

If you believe that your examples are even close to equivalent to Trump's baloney, you're delusional. Two words "Clinton conceded." You need to be quiet.

Sallie Helmer



“You need to be quiet.”

That is what the Democrats want— censorship! They want government to decide what is “misinformation”.

“ Just last year, Democrats tried to pass their federal election takeover bill HR 1, which contained provisions that “would also control what Americans and politicians say.” HR1 failed but Democrats are still doing everything in their power to control the narrative.“

The only way the radical left Democrats can win elections is if they stop free speech.

Michael, you are only encouraging me to speak out more. And you should do the same. By letting everyone know you want to censor me— tells us I really have important things to say. Make America Great Again, Again. Joe Biden needs to put America back to the way it was before he ruined it.

Al Fresco

Suggesting that you be quiet is not the same as censoring you. I don't recall anyone trying to censor you.

Make sure your brain is in gear before engaging your mouth. That's all.

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, such a snowflake reply. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Dale Failor

Well said Judy. Thank you.

Sallie Helmer

Hi Judy,

"You seem to favor a system in which you can just accuse someone without evidence, and have it deemed as truth." (Judy Gauthier wrote)

Democrats and you are the worst offenders of accusing others without evidence!

The Radical Left Democrats used their Majority position in Congress to create the fiction of:

Russia, Russia, Russia

Impeachment Hoax #1

Impeachment Hoax #2

The $48 Million Mueller Report (which ended in No Collusion!)

Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine

The atrocious and illegal Spying on President Trump’s Campaign

And so much more, are the people who created the J6 Committee of highly partisan political Hacks and Thugs whose sole function is to destroy the lives of many hard-working American Patriots.

Joellyn Jaeger

More cut and paste nonsense from Sallie. Yawn.

Arthur Baseler


Michael Shohoney


Have you done ANY research on this? From your precious Heritage foundation...

"The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country. Each and every one of the cases in this database represents an instance in which a public official, usually a prosecutor, thought it serious enough to act upon it. And each and every one ended in a finding that the individual had engaged in wrongdoing in connection with an election hoping to affect its outcome — or that the results of an election were sufficiently in question and had to be overturned. This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list. This database is intended to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in the election system and the many ways in which fraud is committed."

Al Fresco

There are at least 50 reasons why elections are different in each of the 50 states. There is no voting uniformity whether it's ballot format and style, polling hours, vote tabulation, early and absentee voting, etc. Each state has a separate set of rules. If you don't understand 50 different states and how they deal with elections, you will likely always call elections rigged or fraudulent. Sit back and enjoy the system we have. It does work.

Bill Bumby

Will you be releasing the Kraken for the 57th, Sallie? Can’t wait…

Bill Bumby

*57th time…

Al Fresco

You only hear what you want to hear, believe what you want to believe and accept whatever ever you are fed. You are the perfect patsy.

Polls are interesting but are no more than polls. Results can be skewed depending on how questions are written and asked. Not everyone who picks up the phone is willing to participate in them. Polls are not elections.

Michael Shohoney

Once again, Sallie, you are easily swayed by false propaganda. Two things. First, why does it take days in some states to count the votes? Because their legislatures do not allow the counting of any votes (mail in as well) until the polls close. In Arizona, 70% of the population votes by mail. Why? Snowbirds that have established citizenship but have not yet moved to their winter homes. So, 70% of the votes' envelopes cannot be opened until election night. Then those ballots have to be fed into the machines by a BIPARTISAN group. Really simple concept to understand, but you do not.

Now, as to polls. Polls are conducted by phone for the most part. Often landline phones. Who owns landline phones? People like you...older and conservative. Also, if conducted by cell phone, who answers calls from people the phone owner doesn't know? Yep, older, conservatives like you. Young people do not answer polls. Period. The poll system is broken. If you're going to judge an election on the poll numbers, you lose.

Arthur Baseler

"Let’s make this a platform that is educational, enjoyable and insightful." With drivel like this it is anything but.

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