TO the editor:

(“Re: “GOP picks wrong fight, looks foolish,” Oct. 10, 2013) Your editorial — interesting, informative and insightful as it may be — is also somewhat flawed.

There is an old saying (perhaps even reflecting a Proverb) that advises, “It takes two to tangle.”

You assign most of the blame to the GOP for this dispute and stalemate — especially in the headline and your conclusion that describes Republicans as “bullies who won’t let anyone play in the sandbox.”

Why aren’t Harry Reid and Barack Obama deserving to be in your same “sandbox”?!

... The House of Representatives has passed several resolutions (compromising improvements, in the eyes of the GOP) that would amend portions of Obamacare while at the same time end the budget stalemate.

Democrat Chairman Reid has failed to forward most of these House offers to the Senate to allow voting.

The president has sadly resorted to undiplomatic name calling while trying to force his will on the American public. Moreover, his administration has adopted sorry tactics like barricading the usually wide-open public memorials in Washington DC and taking away the monetary death benefits formerly awarded to the families of fallen service men and women.

Meanwhile, American citizens remain largely misguided by the “mainstream media” and, in this case, by our “Ripon Commonwealth Press,” who unfairly assign the blame for our government impasse and shut down primarily and unfairly upon Congressional Republicans.

— David Gray

733 Newbury St.

To read the entire letter, see the Oct. 17, 2013 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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