To the editor:

Open letter to Mr. Mashuda and members of the Green Lake County Highway Committee:

It is time for Green Lake County to construct a bike/hike trail along County Road A from Illinois Avenue to Spring Grove Road.

I was dismayed to read that you have postponed the traffic study on Cty A until “after the COVID-19 situation clears up” due to an erroneous assumption that traffic has been affected.

For years, Cty A residents have asked you to address traffic safety issues.

There are an increasing number of oversize vehicles using the road which veer towards the fogline when meeting due to narrow lanes.

Hills on either end of the residential section (Sunnyside Road to Spring Grove Road) discourage a steady traffic speed.

However, more than vehicles use the road. The stretch from Illinois Ave to Spring Grove Road is part of the “loop the lake” route for bikers and provides Green Lake bikers and hikers access to Sunset Park, the Sailing School and fishing.

Residents, guests, and vacationers use the road to walk/bike to the City or the Inlet. There is no alternate route.

Please, prevent a tragedy. While you work on the traffic problem, keep bikers and hikers safe by giving them a dedicated trail from Illinois Ave to Spring Grove Road.

Thank you.

— Ann Rogers

Green Lake

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