To the Editor:

I can remember when there was despair about the downtown buildings. There were so many “absent” landlords, nothing being repaired and landlords were not citizens of Ripon.

Friends of mine complained of no heat or wind coming into building during winter months. One didn’t even have bathroom facilities.

Another memory was of Russ Schenke standing on the square holding up construction workers because he was trying to protect the Victorian facade of a building that was getting a facelift.

I think we should be grateful that people like Boca Grande have the vision and care to preserve our historic buildings. I only hope that it will be a true success.

... Yes, the good old days were great, but sometimes something new can be better.

— Marilyn Ninneman

214 W. Lane St.

To read the entire letter, see the Sept. 9 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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