To the Editor:

The Aug. 11 article, “Grothman hesitates to take questions from constituents at Ripon event,” was not a shining example of unbiased reporting.

It distorted some information and excluded some facts.

Candidates often run from one event to another to speak with the public. Grothman regularly attends events sponsored by all types of organizations. He even attends Bingo in Green Lake at least once a year, never uses it as a photo opportunity and he connects with every single person.

Contrast this to Biden who rarely has a new conference, rarely speaks with press and rarely takes questions. When he attempts to answer questions, he explains his policies and their results in nonsensible terms & jumbles the issues so his answers don’t even answer the questions.

Then walks away after saying, “They will get angry with me if I take more questions.” Or his staff quickly rush him offstage to stop his interaction with the press.

While democrats care more about the priorities of left wing special interest groups than working Wisconsinites, I am proud that Grothman is my Congressman. He speaks clearly and intelligently and his policies never “evolve” to match current political winds. He always acts and votes in the best interests of all Wisconsinites.

While Biden celebrates additional IRS agents to fill Lambeau Field and illegal student loan forgiveness, Glenn understands that this is an attack on the people who have made an honest living in Wisconsin.

Biden has given a blank check to teachers’ unions to indoctrinate our children with CRT and gender identification as early as kindergarten, overzealous COVID groups who want to shut down our economy and radical “environmental justice advocates” who want to set our economy back to the pre-electric age under “The Green New Deal.”

Biden shamefully makes excuses and blames others for the results of his disastrous policies.

Glenn isn’t afraid to take on polarizing issues that Biden cynically continues to use as a tool to lie to and divide Americans.

Glenn continues to fight for welfare and regulation reform, champion the family, fix the tax code, demand transparency in public education, and advocate for securing our border and energy independence again.

He is a dependable and frank voice in national politics which is rare among democrats.

When republicans take control of Congress in 67 days, Glenn will help right the ship and put a check on Biden and the left.

— Hal Erickson

Green Lake

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Mark Alexander

I've seen glenn many times. He never speaks clearly or intelligently. Rachism. Listen to his speeches. And he shouldn't be praised for going and giving the same riling people up with b.s. speeches that aren't based in facts whatsoever.

And the GALL to say that about Biden when they had a counter for how many days that became months that temper tantrum trump acted like he was 2 hiding and sulking constantly. And if trump did take questions he'd get extremely angry very quickly when it wasn't a reporter to just kiss his posterior. Grothman proves that special interests constantly influencing weak willed, spineless politicians is poisoning our country from inside out.

Sallie Helmer

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: JOE BIDEN DOES NOT WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN “…there's no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country.” - Joe Biden, September 1, 2022

The words and meaning of the awkward and angry speech from Biden, is clear: Joe Biden hates America. Joe Biden hates the MAGA movement. Joe Biden hates YOU and everything YOU stand for. Someone needs to explain to him that MAGA means MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! He went on national television and LIED about Trump and the Patriotic Americans who support him. He’s scared of us because he knows that despite his best efforts, Trump will not only SAVE AMERICA, but he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Bill Bumby

Fortunately, I’m not a MAGAt so Joe doesn’t hate me

Sallie Helmer


You are not for MAGA (Make America Great Again). If you don't want America Great that explains why you want to vote Democrat. You want America a third-world Socialist country.

Al Fresco

You have the wrong idea of what this country is or should be. You certainly don't understand our place in the world community. In case you haven't noticed, Republicans have excelled at taking words and creating catchphrases that stick in the malleable minds of their base. You SH have been duped. You haven't an original thought. You repeat what you like and hear. A parrot.

Bill Bumby


Sallie Helmer

I think your “like a parrot” is correct when applied to prompter reading Joe Biden.

Al Fresco

What do you mean "make america great again"? When was it great and how was it great? What makes america great? These are just meaningless words from trump to get people like you riled up.

So, please elucidate. What is so great about this country? Are there other countries just as great or greater? If america can be great, why can't others?

Sallie Helmer

Labor Day: the Untold Story of American Exceptionalism

by Scott S. Powell senior fellow at Discovery Institute

“It was Alexis de Tocqueville, whose ever-relevant classic, Democracy in America, pointed out that in contrast to Europeans, Americans regard work as “positively honorable.” In part, that was undoubtedly attributable to Christian influence in America. The Bible makes more than 450 references to the value and importance of work—specifically referring to work as a virtue more times than it refers to other virtues, such as prayer, faith, hope, joy, forgiveness, mercy, grace, or peace. Thus, it was and still should be widely recognized that work is good for the soul and necessary to a fulfilling life with dignity and meaning.

While commemorating all who labor, it makes sense to also celebrate the entrepreneurs and the intermediaries who create jobs and new labor opportunities that come out of launching new business ventures. Like the early colonial settlers, these prophets and dreamers are often the ones most willing to take risks in developing new products, services, and market opportunities. What’s important to understand about Labor Day past and present is that these visionaries were the primary drivers of wealth creation that took the country from colonial poverty to world economic superpower in a little more than two hundred years. Some who have recognized that thread in history, find the Biblical reference of being “the light of the world, a city set on a hill” pertains not only to Christians’ positive spiritual influence on society, but also find it applicable to America’s vibrant political and economic success being a constructive example for other nations.

The central struggle throughout the ages has been between freedom and tyranny. Even before Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, Tocqueville asserted, “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” He added, “You can’t have it both ways. Socialism is a new form of slavery.” Anyone can see across nations and cultures that socialism has been associated with diminished prosperity and abuse of power by those in control who waste and steal, while free enterprise has been associated with flourishing and opportunity to pursue happiness. Socialism not only fails because it misallocates resources and thwarts creativity, but also because it discourages and destroys the human spirit.

Few would disagree that the United States is inherently different from other nations. But even if the idea of American exceptionalism seems unfitting for some in contemporary times, no one can deny certain facts about the ways in which America is unique among nations of the world. The United States represents only 4% of the world’s population but it has produced 96% of the world’s creativity and 25% of the world’s wealth, providing more upward mobility than any other nation. Little wonder that America is the number one destination for immigration, which is the most reliable substantiation of the idea of America as an exceptional nation.“

No wonder then that Socialism makes everyone equally poor and fails every time it is tried.

Al Fresco

Interesting. You still don't have a clue so you find it necessary to find someone to cite who agrees with you. Wow!

Comment deleted.
Sallie Helmer

Hi Jerry,

CRT is being taught in schools. The new anti-racism is the old racism.

“In place of integration, returns the old racism now cast as “anti-racism,” as if “good” racial discrimination is needed to fight “bad” discrimination.“

Al Fresco

What has Grothman done for you personally to make your life better? What has he done for the district? Grothman is at his finest whenever he can cast a vote to oppose anything democratic. He is out of touch. He has always been out of touch.

Not bad for a fellow who pulls in $174,000 annually plus benefits you and I will never get.

Sallie Helmer

President Trump’s policies:— and U.S. Congressman Glen Grothman voted to make it happen. Glen Grothman is a good and honorable Representative. Vote for Republican Glen Grothman. A great American.

1. Made US energy independent (& net exporter of energy)

2. Got NATO members to pay their fair share

3. Secured southern border, reduced

Illegal immigration, drug & human trafficking

4. Reduced taxes

5. Secured permanent funding for Black Universities

6. Oversaw the Abraham Accord - Middle East peace

7. Eliminated Isis caliphate

8. Got N. Korea to cease missile testing (actually went to N.Korea)

9. Exposed the deep state for all of us to see

10. Brought companies that were “off shoring” jobs back to US

11. Thru job growth / employment, decreased number of individuals on welfare and increased minority home ownership

12. Improved VA system & its accountability & quick response to veteran needs.

13. Took NO SALARY, instead - Donated his salary to various government service groups.

(... and this is just the tip of the iceberg )

Al Fresco

You did not answer the question. How have you personally benefited?

Sallie Helmer

Grothman voted for the Trump tax cuts. You think tax cuts are spending— so you don’t understand— why bither trying to tell you.

Arthur Baseler

This letter reminds me of a Rosendale Dairy manure truck. Spraying cr*p every which way and leaving a stink.

Joellyn Jaeger

Nonsense. Grothman only stays for questions if there is food involved.

Sallie Helmer

So, what's wrong with food?

Dale Failor

Nothing but he gets more than his share.

Michael Shohoney

Answer the question, Sallie. What has he done for you? What has he done for our district? The answer is, NOTHING! All he has ever done is vote a party line regardless of how it affects US! And he refuses to answer questions about that. Stop wearing blinders and step up for WISCONSIN!

Sallie Helmer

I answered the question. Grothman votes with Conservatives. Grothman loves America as founded. He is not voting with the tax and spend Democrats. He stands up for unborn babies, saving their lives from abortion. He follows the U.S. Constitution. The right to an abortion isn't in the Constitution. There are only two sexes, male and female. Men cannot have babies. Democrats have gone insane with the propaganda they are indoctrinating our children with. Anything anti-God and Marxist Racism Democrats stand for. Glen Grothman opposes all evil. Vote for Glen Grothman on November 8, 2022. Vote to Save America.

Al Fresco

SH... You really haven't answered the question. How has Grothman or any other Republican benefited you personally?

Sallie Helmer

You don’t understand the answer. That is what makes you a Biden Democrat.

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