To the editor:

I was shocked and saddened to see the passing of Chris Hollerup in the recent obituaries. Chris was our community’s local barber, following in the footsteps of his father, never renaming the business that was “Svend’s” after his father.

I have fond memories of going in the shop as a little girl with my father and sitting in a chair across from the two men, quietly playing, as I marveled at the various collectables and antique type items that Chris had in his shop.

More importantly, however, I was in awe as a little girl, watching Chris cut Daddy’s hair, while simultaneously carrying on a conversation with him, his scissors in synchronization, never missing a beat.

Chris’ loss to our community is more than the loss of a talented barber, it is the loss of a small town community — the local barber, who everyone knew from generations beyond generations, a place where you could go to visit and catch up on the town’s latest news, as well as get a hair cut; the first “death” of this in our community occurred in 1991, when Marcia Bentley Buhrow tragically passed, and her small community barber shop, which had been handed down in generations from her father and Ripon barber, Roy Bentley, then sadly, closed.

The loss of Chris Hollerup is not just the loss of an incredible man, but the loss of the community barber, one more passing of the simplicities of small town life here.

— Erin Maguire

Hot Springs, Ariz.


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