(Re: “Honor roll discontinued for middle grades,” Nov. 23, 2017) ... Why shouldn’t the students who work hard be singled out? Oh yeah, if everyone can’t win a trophy or get an honorable mention, nobody can.

Nothing more than continuing the agenda to dumb down our students.

Being on the honor roll is not a label or status; it’s an acknowledgement for hard work, going above and beyond.

Removing the honor roll is just one more way in attempting to make everyone feel “equal.” ... Why shouldn’t those who have excelled be awarded? That’s what happens at a real life job. We should be furthering the idea that working hard is awarded.

The kids who don’t work hard enough to get on the honor roll might have their wittle feewings hurt; can’t have that.

— Sharon Mielke

Suamico, Wis.

To read the entire letter, see the Dec.7, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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