To the editor:

(Re: “The security of this country has been put at grave risk,” Oct. 8, 2015) What a surprise! A foot soldier of 36 years with the National Security Agency sings its praises.

Rick Estberg vilifies Edward Snowden, a genuine American hero, for doing what the “Republican administration, the current Democratic administration, the (congressional) intel committee, the Supreme Court, the foreign intelligence surveillance court, and 10s of 20s (sic) of thousands of career employees throughout the intelligence community” would not do.

What does it say that all these people kept their mouths shut? It says the system is broken — those in charge insist on secrecy and the rest compliantly obey, as the good Germans they are. ...

— Jerry Davidson

515 Scott St.

To read the entire letter, including Davidson refuting charges against Snowden, see the Oct. 15, 2015 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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